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Candidates´ assessment will be performed at local and central levels.
At local level:
The responsibility of home universities will be to validate applications (checking that the applicants meet the programme eligibility criteria). They will also asses each of the home applications according to the criteria as mentioned below and to upload the results to the corresponding section of the website.
The responsibility of host universities will be to let the corresponding administrative and/or academic bodies (faculties, departments, study programme coordinators etc.) asses each of the incoming applications received according to the criteria as mentioned below and upload the results to the corresponding section of the website.
When considered necessary, associate partners will carry out interviews with applicants in the home countries.
The responsibility of the selection committee (one representative of each of the European Universities, one representative of Lanzhou University and one representative of the WG3 for a transparent and efficient selection process (Asian institution) will be to tune the final list of selected applicants so that gender and social balance is achieved, the established academic percentages are respected and the academic priorities are enhanced. They will take into account the average qualification resulting from both the host and home universities assessment and will be able to review applications and consult about the qualifications appointed to any of the applications when necessary. The selection committee will also be in charge of solving claims, if any, and of publishing a reserve list.
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